There will be a maximum total supply of 888 Panda Miners available to be minted. After the mint, the only way to get your hands on a Miner Pandas is purchase via a Secondary Market such as  Magic Eden.

Minting Begins

August 20 2022 18:00:00 GMT

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Our Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take with our opportunities. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on. It may evolve over time and hopefully become even better!

Grow Stage 1

  • Official launch of Panda Miners

  • Round 1 Minting (SOLD OUT)

  • Establish treasury, make investments, and begin  rewards & giveaways

  • Introduce Bamboo Finance

Grow Stage 2

  • Round 2 Minting (CURRENTLY MINTING)

  • Continue rewards & giveaways

  • Launch merchandise store

  • Round 3 Minting (TBD)

Grow Stage 3

  • Round 4 Minting (TBD)

  • Expand staking & farming protocol

  • Possibly build in-house DEX

  • Round 5 Minting (TBD)

Grow Stage 4
  • Introduce new NFT collection
    • Expand into the Metaverse
      • Develop on multiple blockchains
        • Possibly introduce a P2E game
          • IRL Events (2023 & Beyond)

              Meet The Team

              Our team is a passionate group with experience in big tech and creative marketing; with a common goal to create a unique experience for a new type of NFT experience.

              Don Pandas
              Dev Pandas
              Investor | Banking
              GangStar Pandas
              Lead Designer

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              Frequently Asked Questions

              Panda Miners is an exclusive NFT project consisting of 888 individually unique Pandas living on the Solana blockchain. Panda Miners is combining NFTs with Defi utility to create a truly unique collection for investors, collectors, and crypto lovers around the world!

              We take a unique approach by using the funds raised from all the NFTs minted, and investing them into Defi projects and protocols. From there, all of the profits from the investments are given back to the people who hold a Passive Panda NFT. This is done in multiple forms such as airdrops and giveaways.

              This means that just by owning and holding a Miner pandas NFT, you will be earning passive crypto income, as well as continuously being entered into exciting giveaways. Think of Panda Miners like the first NFT + DAO structure, where the treasury investments are built by the community, and therefore, the community are the ones who receive the benefits and returns.

              Panda Miners is also expanding into Defi , which is a Defi protocol where you can earn passive income through buying nodes and staking crypto. Owning a Miner pandas NFT will allow you to boost your rewards.

              There are multiple amazing benefits of owning a Miner pandas NFT. These include:

              • Airdropped crypto rewards
              • Automatic entry into giveaways
              • Exclusive clothing and merchandise
              • Future expansion into P2E & the metaverse
              • Much more to come!

              Miner pandas is constantly growing, expanding, and building for the future. The team is focused on innovation and continuously looking to expand.

              Our Miner pandas NFT is on the Solana Blockchain so you will need to purchase SOL (Solana) first and move the SOL to a supported wallet. The recommended wallet to use is Phantom. On the mint day, you will be able to mint from on our website.

              The recommended wallet to use is Phantom.
              On the mint day, you will be able to mint from on our website.

              Each Miner pandas will cost 1 SOL at the public sale. .
              Each Miner pandas will cost 0.89 SOL at the pre sale.